Keller Nights at Chuckanut Brewery

Interested in trying the first impressions of a Chuckanut beer before it is sent through the filter? Chuckanut Brewery will give you the opportunity to do just that on a regular basis. Keller beer is beer that comes directly out of fermentation tanks.

Putting this beer in Gravity kegs allows you to taste the beer before it’s pushed by CO2 through the bar tap. Gravity Keg Keller Nights will begin this month. South Nut in Burlington will tap its gravity keg March 25 and profits from every beer from the keg will go to Lydia Place in honor of women’s month.

Keller Night at P. Nut in Portland will be an ongoing activity the last Friday of every month. The first Keller Night at P. Nut is March 31. As a special treat two different Gravity Keller kegs will be tapped for the first of the monthly Keller nights. And Hearth & Soul Pizza bus will be on hand at P. Nut with their excellent wood fired pizzas for the hungry.

The Gravity Keller Keg at South Nut on March 25 in Skagit Valley will be filled with Skagit Tulip Beer. This yearly beer is brewed in honor of the Skagit Tulip Festival and will give fans a chance to drink Skagit Tulip Beer unfiltered and in advance of its tapping on April 1.

The two Gravity Keller kegs at P. Nut will include Skagit Tulip Beer and Bavarian IPA (formerly known as New World Ale). New World Ale has been brewed in the past but a new name was given this past year by Weyermann Malting in Germany to this style of German beer.

It is an IPA style of beer using new world German hops. Mark your calendars for the next Keller Night at P. Nut on April 28. Just a heads up, Chuckanut Gravity Keller kegs are very small so the beer from these is limited. It’s best to show up early if you are wanting beer from the gravity kegs. South Nut will tap their keg at 4 pm and P. Nut will tap its two kegs at 5 pm. See you there!

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