Iron Heart Canning Continues Services Uninterrupted

The nation’s largest mobile cannery — Iron Heart Canning — is dedicated to supporting the community of craft producers they are a part of.  The closing of taprooms, bars, and restaurants across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic is creating an unprecedented crisis for the craft beverage industry.  IHC is continuing mobile canning services uninterrupted to provide for an increased demand for packaged product.  Since to-go sales and distribution are the only open channels for sales, many are turning to cans to weather the storm.

“We are doing everything we can to accommodate all requests, to be flexible, and add volume or schedule additional dates as need to keep our customers revenue streams flowing,” said Tyler Wille, founder and CEO of Iron Heart Canning.  “The health and safety of our staff and that of our customers is of paramount importance.  We are being very careful and taking every precaution possible to keep everyone safe while we go about our work.

“Dedication to our customers, and the community of craft producers we are a part of is the foundation of our business.  If you have a need, please reach out to us, we want to help.”

Iron Heart operates more than 50 canning lines across 24 locations, providing beverage packaging services throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Southeast, and into the Midwest.

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