Indeed Releases Paloma Cocktail-Inspired Tart Grapefruit Ale as Year-Round Beer

Indeed Brewing Company is releasing Paloma Cocktail-Inspired Tart Grapefruit Ale as a year-round beer. Paloma was first introduced at the Milwaukee pilot brewery and taproom in 2020 and was released in the Twin Cities market as a one-off beer in summer 2021 It is releasing now in six-packs in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

The Goods

  • Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Carafoam, Beechwood-smoked malt, Sauermalz
  • Hops: Cascade
  • Yeast: A15
  • Special Ingredients: Agave

The Stats

  • ABV: 5.1%
  • IBU: 12
  • The Experience
  • Visual: Hazy pale
  • Aroma: Citrusy grapefruit with a wisp of smoke
  • Taste: Tart grapefruit and citrus with faint smoke in the finish

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