The Bruery’s Ruekeller Line of Lagers gets Extended in National Distribution

The Bruery is no stranger to brewing traditional, old-world inspired lagers, launching their Ruekeller: Helles in the wide market back in January of 2020 in 16oz 4-pack cans. Now Helles is getting some friends on the shelf, starting with Ruekeller: Dunkel, which is part of a new seasonal rotator that will hit wide distribution in late February. 

Challenging in process, traditional in method, Ruekeller: Dunkel is inspired by old-world brewing techniques in the likeness of the traditional name. We crafted this Bavarian-style dunkel with the finest of ingredients, the utmost of care, and years of experience in brewing extraordinary craft lagers. Ruekeller: Dunkel is a 6.2% ABV dark lager that’s lightly sweet with notes of mild caramel, chocolate, and a satisfying nuttiness.

With The Bruery’s expansive portfolio of unique and interesting beers (over 160 beers each year), we often say we brew to ‘taste over style’, but in the case of our lagers we are truly inspired by the traditional old-world techniques that these beers are known for. “Our Bruers create such unique and innovative beers every day, every once in a while they go back to tradition and truly perfect a classic style like this dunkel.” says Brand Director, Caitie Gold. “Our Bruers are experts in their craft and technique, and this style really highlights that expertise. We love our lagers here at The Bruery; next time you spot a table of off-the-clock Bruers on our Tasting Room patio, check out how many are sipping on one of our lagers.”

Stefan Weber, Production Manager for The Bruery, discusses the process behind creating this classic Munich-style beer: “Ruekeller: Dunkel is brewed with the traditional method of krausening. At the end of fermentation we throw in about 10% new beer to clean it up and make it extra crisp and refreshing, this also helps us avoid any undesirable flavors. The method also produces carbonation without the need to use sugars or other adjuncts. This beer was a labor of love; we say ‘hard to brew, easy to drink’. Dunkel turned out incredible, with a lot of bready character and a touch of roasty and chocolatey notes; I’m going to be drinking this in my backyard all Spring.”

The name Ruekeller is a play on words, paying homage to both the traditional krausen method of brewing fine lagers, and The Bruery’s namesake, Patrick Rue. In German, “ruh” literally translates to “quiet or “peace,” while in brewing, the Ruhkeller, or “Rest Cellar,” is where the beer is krausened.

This newest lager is now available across The Bruery’s distribution footprint in 4-pack 16oz cans as well as on draft in your favorite bar or restaurant. The Bruery also offers delivery across California, Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, North Dakota, Ohio and Pennsylvania, with complimentary delivery on first-time orders over $75. Fans can start getting their world-class, innovative beers right now by heading to

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