Indeed Looks Back on 2021 & Ahead to 2022

By investing in innovation and committing to expanding its presence in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, Minneapolis-headquartered Indeed Brewing Company grew its total production to 17.5K barrels sold in 2021, up more than 20 percent in 2020 and up 38 percent from 2019. 

Brand Innovation in 2021 

Led by the success of its flagship brands, Indeed has prioritized making its top beer brands highly accessible across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Flavorwave IPA, making waves as the brewery’s first year-round IPA offering and new flagship beer brand, was a distribution priority for the brewery this year with expanded availability to 19.2-ounce cans. Flavorwave saw a sales increase of 12 percent in 2021. As the sales leader for Indeed, Flavorwave will be available in 12-packs in early 2022. Forbes named Flavorwave one of the best IPAs to gift on Father’s Day

Pistachio Cream Ale, which launched in taprooms in 2020, quickly captured the hearts and palates of craft beer drinkers and launched as a year-round beer in February 2021. With a distribution in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, this nutty cream ale is adding more and more fans to its cult following every day and is the best-selling beer on draft in both the Minneapolis and Milwaukee Indeed taprooms. As the second best-selling brand from Indeed this year, the brewery is launching 12-packs of Pistachio Cream Ale to its lineup in early 2022. A limited edition Cream Ale variety pack, featuring three new variations, will also hit shelves in 2022. 

Mexican Honey Light, which came with Flavorwave as the first Indeed beers in distribution across Wisconsin last year, was named a Top 10 IPA by VinePair in 2021. 

In the beyond beer space, two innovative beverages from Indeed grabbed craft drinkers’ attention: Boon Hard Kombucha, released in taprooms in 2021, and the now-discontinued Lull CBD Seltzer. Boon, seeing success on draft with its Blueberry Basil flavor, hit Twin Cities area liquor stores in 16-ounce cans in Spring 2021. While Lull is no longer available due to interstate CBD regulations, both Boon and Lull show the brewery’s commitment to bringing the latest disruptive beverage trends to life in the upper Midwest.  

Making Milwaukee Home 

The pilot brewery and taproom in Milwaukee opened in late 2019 and was just beginning to gain traction when Covid-19 brought about closures and changes in consumer behavior. Despite the challenges, Indeed continued its investment in embedding itself in the culture of Milwaukee in 2021. In doing so, Indeed built a space for people to enjoy locally brewed beer, emphasizing giving back to local organizations and collaborating with Milwaukee organizations. 

In collaboration with the Milwaukee County Historical Society, Indeed Milwaukee brewed an Irish-style stout called Lady Elgin Foreign Extra Stout and donated $1 from every pint/crowler/growler to MCHS. 

Indeed Milwaukee launched a pop-up rooftop beer garden in May 2021 in collaboration with the Clock Shadow Building, located next door to the pilot brewery and taproom. Positioned on the building’s green roof operated by CORE/EL Centro, $1 from every beer went to the non-profit organization that offers affordable natural healing and wellness services in Spanish and English.

Indeed Milwaukee debuted its first bottle release on Black Friday 2020, and doubled down in 2021 with two bottle releases. Milwaukee Honey Barleywine returned along with a brand-new Wood Barrel-Aged Sarah Jane’s Maple Sticks for Black Friday 2021. It also released Star-Crossed Mexican Chocolate Churro Stout in February 2021 and Bruch Club: Berry Compote Sour Ale in June 2021.

The Milwaukee brewery increased distribution across Wisconsin with six pre-sold beers and will do the same with new beers in the mix in 2022. 

Indeed We Can

Through its Indeed We Can charitable giving program, Indeed donated $26.4K and counting to 52 Wisconsin organizations and $98.7K and counting to 52 Minnesota organizations in 2021.

Looking Ahead to 2022 

Milwaukee Canning Run
Staccato Italian Pilsner and Sun Kids Pale Ale are two Indeed Milwaukee taproom favorites that Indeed is putting into Wisconsin liquor stores in 2022 with the help of a mobile canning line.

New Brands
Giant for a Day Double IPA is on the schedule to release in March 2022 and will feature artwork by local Minneapolis artist Chuck U. Paloma Grapefruit Sour will replace Lucy as a year-round sessionable sour beer in Indeed’s core portfolio. Indeeds’ presence in the beyond beer category will also grow next year with a new brand coming in Spring 2022. 

Whirlygig 2022 planning is underway. After two years off, the music and art event in Minneapolis will take place May 19-22, 2022. Minneapolis has a big 10-year anniversary in August, with a celebration in the works. Hullabaloo will also return after two years off in Fall 2022 in Minneapolis. The Milwaukee taproom held its third annual Lowdown in 2021 and will host more street festivals in addition to the fourth annual Lowdown in 2022.

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