Indeed Installs New KHS Can Filler

Indeed Brewing is proud to share its newest investment. The KHS Can Filler C is at the top of its class in this area of technology and will allow the brewery to sustain the freshness of its product and create more sustainable operations.

Daniel Howell, Quality Control Manager at Indeed Brewing Company, states, “The main thesis is that we will be bringing higher quality beer to our distributor partners, retailers, and consumers, because the cans leaving the building are younger, and the beer in the cans is fresher.” The new can filler is significantly faster at the capacity of 280 cans filled per minute, keeps more air out of the cans, and is far more sustainable.

The new can filler also allows an opportunity for Indeed to explore teaching their audience about beer freshness and the quality of the product they’re consuming. “Through printed materials and vocal outreach, we’ll be able to encourage our consumers and retailers to be more educated about their brand purchases,” says co-founder of Indeed Brewing Company, Nathan Berndt.

As the new KHS can filler gets up to speed, Indeed will be able to deliver the freshest possible beer to its distributor and retailer partners, and ultimately the individual consumer.The machine is equipped to break up large bubbles inside the can as well as decreasing the amount of time that the beer is exposed to air. This keeps the beer at its highest quality and extends the shelf life and stability.

Freshness of beer is especially vital in varieties containing a great amount of hops. The flavor of hops becomes greatly diminished over time due to exposure to light, heat and oxygen. Indeed will be releasing a brand new IPA that will be the first of its style to launch from the KHS Innofill Can Filler C at the brewery and benefit from the added freshness. Flavorwave IPA, brewed with a full-blown blend of juicy, tropical hops, is set to release in cans and on draft this fall.

Co-founder, Tom Whisenand, is also very excited about the technology upgrade. “This investment, at our brewery’s size, is unparalleled in the industry and will allow us to deliver our customers the highest quality canned craft beer in the market. Our customers will notice a more impactful aroma and improved flavor stability during the shelf life of the beer. Our brewery will benefit from improved efficiency, reduced waste, and greater flexibility in our packaging operations.”

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