Indeed Adds Imperial Pistachio Cream Ale to Portfolio

Pistachio Cream Ale fans are in for a treat this month, as Indeed Brewing Company releases its newest nutty brew. Indeed’s Imperial Pistachio Cream Ale (8% ABV) hits coolers in 19.2 oz cans across Minnesota and Wisconsin this month, bringing a bigger format and bigger ABV to the brewery’s best-selling brand family. 

Imperial Pistachio Cream Ale is inspired by cult-following of Pistachio Cream Ale, which is Indeed Brewing’s best-selling beer on draft in both the Minneapolis and Milwaukee Indeed taprooms. 

“Pistachio Cream Ale continues to be a cult favorite beer and it’s exciting to introduce the imperial cousin of this nutty flagship cream ale. The cult is about to get bigger,” said Ryan Bandy, Indeed Brewing Company’s Chief Business Officer. “Packaged in single-serve 19.2 oz cans, Imperial Pistachio Cream Ale is a bigger and bolder beer at 8% ABV but with all the nutty flavor of the original. It’s the perfect beer to match whatever the event or occasion is this summer and will be sold at venues like Target Field.”


  • MALT: Pale Ale, Flaked Corn
  • HOPS: Hallertau Tradition
  • YEAST: A15
  • SPECIALTY INGREDIENTS: Pistachio essence


  • VISUAL: Pale to golden and clear
  • AROMA: Pistachio, some malt
  • TASTE: Tastes simple and refreshing with a touch of pistachio nut
  • MOUTHFEEL: Crisp and refreshing, spritzy

Find Imperial Pistachio Cream Ale in coolers across Minnesota and Wisconsin all year round. Learn more about Indeed’s beer lineup at

Photo Credit: Indeed Brewing Company

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