Call to Arms Releases Peach Aggro Crag & Seshtoberfest

Call to Arms Brewing (CtA) is closing out the summer season with two special beer releases.

The Denver-based brewery invites 90s kids to channel their inner nostalgia by “grabbing a glowing piece of that radical rock” with the release of Peach Aggro Crag, a Peach Double IPA. If you’re able to survive tumbling foam boulders and scale a treacherous mountainside terrain you’ll likely be able to handle a deceptively drinkable 8.2% Double IPA.

Heavily dry-hopped with Strata, and experimental HBC-630 Cryo hops which boast notes of sweet berries, the prominent hop backbone aims to further accentuate the addition of peach puree. Peach Aggro Crag also honors Colorado’s rich tradition of locally harvested peaches grown on the Western Slope.

It takes guts to manage such intense flavor profiles, but Peach Aggro Crag is able to find balance in blending rich stone fruit sweetness with pronounced hop bitterness. Now for more, we turn to Mo Quirk.

Moving away from the boozier end of the spectrum, Call to Arms’ second late summer season release appeals to session beer drinkers. Instead of brewing another traditional Märzen for Oktoberfest, Call to Arms’ Seshtoberfest channels an easier drinking, more sessional approach.

Boasting a biscuity malt backbone with just a hint of caramel notes, Seshtoberfest finishes with a bright crispness, balanced by the perfect touch of hop presence. And while the key focus was making a lighter, brighter interpretation of an Oktoberfest beer, Seshtoberfest doesn’t sacrifice on retaining a prominent malt backbone. This more approachable take makes Seshtoberfest the perfect hybrid for early Oktoberfest enjoyment before cooler days prevail.

“We love drinking malt-forward Oktoberfest beers this time of year, but as the style has crept toward earlier releases we were also interested lighter, more sessionable versions that can also be enjoyed when it’s still 80 degrees out,” explained Call to Arms founder, Chris Bell.

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