InBev Looks to Purchase SABMiller

No one should truly be surprised by the events potentially taking place between InBev and SABMiller. We are currently witnessing an era where it could mean more money than most brewers could ever imagine to properly own the rank of top beer company in the world, by annual sales and production.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the merger would “create a company with $69 billion in annual revenue and a stock market value exceeding $276 billion.”

However, with such an opportunity on the horizon, and with so much of the market being controlled by one company, the U.S. and Europe regulators will certainly be on the lookout. According to the New York Times article if the antitrust authorities were to approve the merger it might require the two companies to “divest some brands or other assets.”

“The board of SABMiller will review and respond as appropriate to any proposal which might be made,” SABMiller stated in a news release Wednesday. “There can be no certainty that an offer will be made, or as to the terms on which any offer might be made.”

For further information from the New York Times article, please click here.


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