Idaho Parks & Rec Enlists Mother Earth to Produce Forgotten Trail Ale for ‘Idaho Trails’ Campaign

The Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation launched a campaign to help drive awareness toward supporting The Gem State’s vast trail system, which has historically been under-maintained. This leads to poor conditions for users and occasionally even permanent trail closures. This trend is something the Parks & Rec Dept. hopes to change with Mother Earth’s newest parks-themed beer.

Forgotten Trail Ale is a light, Golden Ale, brewed at a sessionable 5%, perfect for year-round outdoor activities. Not only is the style fitting, so is the eco-friendly packaging, which Mother Earth describes as “low-impact carbon load”.

It’s not just awareness the Idaho brewery is seeking to create for its parks. Mother Earth is donating a portion of the proceeds from its sales to assist in the conservation effort.

“When this opportunity came up it was a natural fit because it jives with our brand and is something that has meaning to us personally. Of course, we are also looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Programs like this allow us to connect with our community and give back something positive to Mother Earth.” -Daniel Love – President, Mother Earth Brew Co.

Craig Quintana, Sr. Public Information Office for the Parks & Rec Dept. also spoke to the significance of the campaign itself – “Most of Idaho’s non-motorized trails go unmaintained and could be forever lost. Getting funding starts with all of us,”

Forgotten Trail Ale will be available exclusively in the State of Idaho in a 12oz 12pk. Customers looking to purchase the beer can use Mother Earth’s interactive beer finder to locate it near them. More info on the partnership and program can be found here.

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