Hypernova Lands for Almanac

Prepare for hyperspace! Hypernova Volume One launches from the intergalactic depths of the Almanac Barrel House. This time and space-warping release comes on the heels of our awesome Sournova Series of barrel-aged fruited sours in 16oz cans. Think of a Hypernova as a Sournova turned up to eleven! Hypernova Volume One is packed with three times as much fruit as a Sournova, making this cosmic flavor comet the most outrageous inhabitant of the Almanac sour system yet.

Hypernova Volume One is a 100% mixed-culture fermented sour alien drank aged in oak barrels with megatons of citrons, pomelos, grapefruit, cherries, black currants, vanilla beans & a touch of lactose (milk sugar).

Brewmaster, Phillip Emerson, has this to say about the new release: “Hypernova is an experiment in the combination of aromatic citrus with the intense flavors of cherry and black currants. The experience is amplified by a creamy lactose mouthfeel with a subtle sweetness, and finishes with an olfactory overload from the addition of whole vanilla beans. It is true intergalactic decadence.”

Hypernova Volume One is our first ever barrel-aged sour beer created with lactose. It has our highest fruit content in a beer yet at close to 125lbs per barrel! Hypernova will be available at the Almanac Barrel House, Brewery, and Taproom in Alameda, CA starting May 24th and released into very limited distribution in 4-packs of 16oz cans and 5.2gal draft the following week.

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