How to Develop Your Taproom Staff’s SOPs

There are important SOPs to list for your brewery’s taproom staff in terms of tasks for employees to perform consistently and at a high level. These can include cleaning lists, daily tasks, dress code, and opening/closing procedures, along with beer education and knowledge of the brewery.

For COOP Ale Works, the taproom has a daily opening and closing checklist, a weekly checklist, and a monthly checklist explained Taproom Manager Brett Unsell. 

“Taprooms across the country have a wonderful reputation for being inviting, safe, and filled with great people,” Unsell said. “It’s important to us that everyone feels comfortable and welcome when they come to our taproom, especially people who are trying craft beer for the first time.”

Unsell said that important SOPs include cleaning the taproom, taking inventory of glassware, swag, and beer that is available for purchase, and weekly maintenance on equipment, he said. “These lists are ever-evolving as we see fit,” Unsell said.

Education for ​WeldWerks begins on ​Day 1​ for staff, said Marketing Director Jake Goodman. It includes a brief overview from one of ​the Greeley, Colorado facility’s senior brewers on ​the company’s brewing approach and philosophy, as well as a short history of how ​they got to where ​they are.

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One of the things that are available to staff at COOP is the continuing education program, part of which includes writing about an article or podcast that pertains to their roles within the company. 

“This helps keep us up to date with the new trends in the industry and the beers being produced by other breweries that may spark creative innovations for our brewery team,” Unsell pointed out.

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