How These Breweries Help Market What They Believe In

To create positive social change while promoting their brands and aligning with consumers, many breweries find that cause-related marketing ideas help create a bond with a community.

Socially conscious marketing campaigns often include a clear message that communicates the brand’s commitment to making a difference in the world. As consumers increasingly demand that businesses do more than simply make a profit, marketing as such has become an essential strategy for brands looking to remain competitive and relevant in today’s world.

“We saw a huge uptick in social consciousness importance, especially during 2020,” said Ecliptic Marketing Manager, Colette Becker. “Customers want to know that the brands they support are doing the right thing and not just looking out for their bottom line.

“Doing the Right Thing is one of our company’s core values, so we try to adhere to this value in everything we do as a company. If we stay true to who we are with this, our customers continue to support us and success will follow.”

One of the things the Portland, Oregon brand did was host charity days in its restaurant where they would give a percentage of sales to a nonprofit that they believed in.

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“We’ve supported local organizations on Juneteenth and Pride weekends,” Becker said. “Our messaging is in support/alliance, and once again aligns with our core value of Doing the Right Thing.”

Being a local craft brewery means caring about your locals and Walnut River aims to find ways to ingrain itself in as many ways as possible.

“Part of that understanding means that we take care of the community that takes care of us,” said Marketing Manager Ben Wheeler. “We donate a lot of items for local events or charities to auction off and we think all that goodwill comes back to us in spades.

“Our three core values are ‘Honesty, Integrity, and Pride.’ We take pride in being a local craft brewery. We take pride in being a Kansas brewery and we take pride in making really great beer. By staying true to who we are at our core, I think it’s allowed us to maintain brand alignment and be more successful.”

The beer market is an insanely competitive market and allowing the virtues of your business to show through your marketing efforts will cement your customer base, said Topa Topa co-founder Jack Dyer.  

“People buy why you make something, not just what you make,” he said. All of the California brewery’s marketing efforts are carefully curated with inclusive language and speak from the brand’s voice.  

“I believe it has been critical to deepening our relationship with our most loyal customers,” Dyer said. “Further, I know our efforts to be more socially conscious have helped us attract new customers.”  

Efforts such as using Topa Topa’s most core customers in product shoots for social media have been one way of helping drive that message home.

“Our customers are diverse, so we like to show that in our marketing,” Dyer said.

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