How the 2017 Eclipse Helped This Brewery Plan for This Year’s Event

As national excitement has grown with Monday’s upcoming solar eclipse stretching through a wide swath of America, from Texas to Maine, many breweries in the path of totality have made special beers and planned special events to help capture a moment.

From special beer releases to events this weekend and into Monday, these breweries have found a reason to try to add to what would otherwise be a typical Monday sales day — usually one of the slowest days of any taproom’s week.


But a select group of breweries have “been there and done that” with the eclipse and aren’t pulling out all the stops for Monday. The way the path of totality is going, southern Illinois will be one of the few locations in the US where the 2017 eclipse merges with the 2024 path.

In 2017, Molly’s Pint in Murphysboro, Illinois had just opened for business a few months before.

“We didn’t have any special bands or events, but we did make many dark beers in celebration of the eclipse,” the brewery shared via email.

Being in an area that had the eclipse once already helped the brewery plan better for this year’s eclipse.

“I’m glad we didn’t have a huge event because we were dead the day of the eclipse. People just drove to a nice spot, watched the eclipse, and drove back out.”

That doesn’t mean Molly’s Pint isn’t doing anything this year. They collaborated with fellow local brewery Big Muddy to brew Sasquatch Totality Black Lager.

“We expect a larger crowd because hotels and camping spots are booked up this year,” they wrote in the email. “We will be open for business, but won’t have an expensive special event and risk losing money, just in case.”

Most American breweries in this year’s path won’t need to worry about what happens much for this eclipse in terms of using it as a gauge to plan for the next one in their area, as the US won’t see another path of totality like this for another 75 years.

That said, Alaska will have the eclipse pass through on March 30, 2033, while on August 22, 2044, parts of Montana and North Dakota will get the tail end of the eclipse before sunset.

The next coast-to-coast total solar eclipse will be August 12, 2045, and will be seen from Reno to Miami. The intersection of the 2024 eclipse and the 2045 eclipse will be in west central Arkansas, near Hot Springs. So SQZBX Brewery, Core Brewing-Hot Springs, and Superior Bathhouse Brewery … you are on the clock!

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