How Beale’s is Preparing Yorktown Consumers for Opening

This spring, Beale’s Beers — based out of Bedford, Virginia on the western side of the state — will open its second location in Yorktown, Virginia, about 200 miles east.

VP of Operations Emily Sanfratella told Brewer recently that the York County municipal officials saw the success of the brewery’s Bedford location, and asked for the Beale’s team to take a look at a site they were eyeing for development.

“We saw a ton of potential in Yorktown — it’s surrounded by great craft breweries like Alewerks and Virginia Beer Co. in Williamsburg and Tradition Brewing in Newport News — but there are no breweries in the county itself,” Sanfratella said.

Opening a taproom there allows Beale’s to be a hyper-local option for Yorktown residents, and provides the company with a foothold in the greater Peninsula area, allowing the brand to hopefully grow its distribution presence there.

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Sanfratella said they are getting close to the end of construction (as pictured from a November 2022 Facebook photo), which means they aren’t too far off from beginning to hire, train, and prepare to open.

To get the Yorktown customer base excited, they have hosted a few beer pickup events onsite, where folks can preorder any of the brewery’s packaged beers and pick them up on designated dates at the future location.

“It’s been cool to see growth from the initial pickup event, where those customers share beers with their friends and neighbors, who then place their own orders at the next pickup,” Sanfratella said. “We’re also planning a distribution focus in the area ahead of our taproom opening, with crew drives and special store placements.”

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