How 3 Sheeps Works to Help Sales Team Thrive

Starting with a production business model, Grant Pauly has seen many miles of road while selling kegs and eventually bottled and canned beers from 3 Sheeps. Working with a distribution partner from the start and using the data available to Pauly and his sales team for the Sheboygan, Wisconsin brewery is vital to being able to find victories in building relationships and new sales customers across the state.

“We’ve been fortunate that we really haven’t had to do a whole lot of motivation,” Pauly said during the cover story interview for the March/April issue of Brewer. “Our big thing is just narrowing our focus, because there’s so many things you can go after, and just trying to have those micro goals.”

In a week, for example, Pauly said they look to have five goals.

“How do they align with our distributor? How are they aligned with our company goals, and let’s try to take care of these things,” he gave as an example. “If we knock two off then we can add two more. 

“That lets you see a little more focus and make sure that we’re going where there are volume opportunities, and relationships.”

Using sales software and digging into and past the numbers are key, Pauly said.

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“What are the things we can do to help support this particular account in this particular way,” he said. “That’s the biggest thing that we try to help our sales team with is using the data, using the numbers, just to make sure that their time out there is productive and efficient. 

“It’s kind of more rewarding because you can keep checking off those victories. Since we don’t sell beer directly, we get a lead, we pass it off to the distributor, it can take time for those things to go through. So when you start looking at just cases at the end of the day, it’s tough to have wins or losses based on that because how much of an impact did you personally have on this kind of nebulous, total sales number? But if we have these micro goals then we can all celebrate together. It was a team effort and we can easily just put some check marks down. I think that’s motivating because it was good to get those wins.”

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