Hiring for a Second Taproom Location

With Weldwerks breaking ground on a second location in Colorado Springs, Kristin Popcheff, Director of Operations, understands that there isn’t room to cut any corners.

The key here is to create seamlessness between the two locations, and to have the new taproom still feel like it’s a part of the town. The building, which formerly housed The Dive diner, will retain as much of the original structure as possible, just with a new skin.

The new location, yet to be named, is slated to open in mid-October.

“We put a lot of energy and consideration into crafting our culture and our family environment, Popcheff said. “With this being our first remote location, we aren’t cutting any corners on what will likely be a lengthy and exhaustive welcoming process.”

Popcheff noted the importance of not only finding the right staff for this location but for creating a faultless bridge between Greeley and Colorado Springs.

Prior to opening we plan on bringing the new Springs crew up to Greeley to spend a good amount of time training in taproom, shadowing our production team, learning our values, who we are and what we’re all about,” Popcheff said.

“We also know our Greeley folks will be making frequent trips down to the Springs as well, a lot of that lead-up time will be spent on projects, both in the new taproom and in the community, that the two teams will be able to partner on together.”

Sales were already booming in Colorado Springs, making it an ideal place for expansion. Weldwerks has been distributing there since November 2018.

“The area has been very kind to us, but it’s a territory we’d like to expand as more liquid becomes available since, as of now, we just aren’t able to send down enough to satiate the whole area,” said Jake Goodman, Director of Marketing.

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