HEAVY Beer Announces Release of Riverwalk Wit, Argyle Christmas Ale & OH Yeah! Hazy IPA in Cans

HEAVY Beer Co announces the release of three of its adventurous brews in cans, available starting November 1. This release includes Riverwalk Wit, an officially licensed Metroparks Toledo mission beer, as well as the seasonal Argyle Christmas Ale and the fan-favorite and exquisite OH Yeah! Hazy IPA.

Riverwalk Wit, a refreshing Belgian-style wheat beer, is the result of a new licensing agreement with Metroparks Toledo. This brew is designed to capture the essence of outdoor adventures, rain or shine. HEAVY Beer Co. has committed to donating a percentage of all proceeds from Riverwalk Wit to Metroparks conservation mission.

Andrew Newby, CEO of HEAVY Beer Co, said, “We’re incredibly excited about this collaboration. Riverwalk Wit is a celebration of our community and the great outdoors. We’re honored to create the first officially licensed beer with Metroparks to bring this vision to life.”

Mike Keedy of Metroparks Toledo added, “This is a unique opportunity for Metroparks Toledo to celebrate the spirit of community and the love for the outdoors, and connect people to our parks and our mission in a new way. We’re thrilled to see Riverwalk Wit hit the shelves, and we’re confident that it will become a staple for park-goers and beer enthusiasts alike.”

Seasonal and Year-Round Favorites: In addition to Riverwalk Wit, HEAVY Beer Co is also releasing Argyle Christmas Ale and OH Yeah! Hazy IPA in cans. Argyle Christmas Ale is a seasonal brew that combines a blend of spices and holiday magic, perfect for festive gatherings. OH Yeah! Hazy IPA is a mega-powered, macho, and fruity IPA that promises to bring the kingdom of madness to your taste buds.

Availability: All three beers will be available in cans starting November 1 at various retail locations and at the HEAVY Beer Co. brewery. It will be featured on tap at local bars and restaurants including HEAVY Wheelhouse at Oak Openings Preserve Metropark and The Garden by Poco Piatti at Glass City Metropark. HEAVY Beer Co is distributed by Heidelberg in Ohio, and Rave & Associates in Michigan.

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