Haas Committed to Serving World-Wide Customer Base

Your brewery doesn’t have to produce millions of barrels of beer to be able to work with one of the world’s leading hops suppliers. In fact, through its extended partner program, breweries of any size can work with John I. Haas for hop needs, as the company partners with distributors all over the world.

Between its branches in the USA, Germany, the UK, Australia, and China, Haas — founded in 1914 and a part of the BarthHaas Group since 1977 — covers every continent on the globe.

Breweries that work with Haas® are virtually unlimited in their beer creations, who, in turn, have access to hops grown worldwide. It’s not only Haas’ world-wide reach that makes the company so attractive to the breweries it works with. The company sees its customers as its partners and treats them as such. The research and development program allows Haas to provide its customers with quality, innovative products and assists them in discovering new and efficient solutions for brewing great beer.

In 2013, the company built a state of the art innovations facility, Haas Innovations Brewery. It’s not a place for the typical taproom hangout, though. Instead, it’s a research brewery with a highly controlled, scientific environment where recipes are carefully tested and adjusted to get the perfect brew.

“The brewery provides an unparalleled pilot-scale brewing experience where our customers can reduce the time and uncertainties often associated with new product development, allowing them to get their creation to market faster and more efficiently,” said Jim Ringo, HAAS VP of Sales & Marketing.

Haas has proven its commitment to protecting the environment with its carbon footprint-reducing measures.

Haas Innovation Center was the first LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold Certified building in the city of Yakima, Washington, a green building certification program that recognizes the best-in-class building strategies and practices.

Haas proves its integrity and personability by offering training courses such as Hop Flavorist and Hops Academy.

In these formal training courses, attendees have the chance for a hands-on learning experience from experts in the hops and beer industry on topics ranging from botany, agronomy, logistics, economics, brewing science, and sensory elevation. Haas also offers the Hop Aroma Standards Kit that trains brewers on how to analyze and conduct sensory analysis on hops and beers.

These courses don’t just teach brewers about hops, but they also engage brewers with ways to improve their process efficiencies and reduce waste.

Some of Haas’ great innovations include experimental hops from its Hop Breeding Company, a joint venture with Yakima Chief, whose mission is to develop pest-resistant and disease-resistant hop varieties with strong commercial qualities with bold, desirable flavors.

“If you’ve ever brewed with Mosaic®, Citria®, Ekuanot(TM), and our newest hops, SABRO® and HBC 692, this is where they got their start,” said Michael Ferguson, head of hop breeding for HAAS.

The 100% all-natural hop product FLEX® improves brewhouse efficiency because it’s crafted to be poured at room temperature. It’s just like fresh-squeezed hops, but allows for more flavor consistency between batches, an easier way to bitter beer.

“From the experimental fields to the Innovations Brewery, our pelletizing plant to your brew deck, we believe close collaboration is what fuels our customers’ success as well as ours,” Ringo said. “We value brewers’ input, feedback and advice as we develop new hop varieties, through technical solutions to improve brewing performance and, above all, ensure that we are delivering the finest quality hops and hop products from around the world to their brewery.”

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