Greater Good Hires Zampa as Vice President of Operations; Morrice as Director of Sales

Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company, America’s First All-Imperial Brewery®, officially announced that two key leadership positions have been filled. The news follows just months after the internal promotion of Colleen Quinn as new Chief Executive Officer

David Morrice officially began his duties as Greater Good’s Director of Sales effective on Monday, October 31. A 20-year sales vet, Morrice comes with proven experience leading the sales teams at Yazoo Brewing, of Tennessee, as well as serving as the VP of Sales for Connecticut-based Stony Creek. Prior to that, he held multiple positions both in sales and consulting in and outside of the beverage industry, with brands like Pepsi and Panera. 

“I’m really excited about the chance to play a part in the continuous growth of Greater Good,” commented Morrice. “Their commitment to all imperial style beers is incredibly appealing from a sales perspective: in an increasingly crowded market, it’s hard for brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Greater Good does it not only by leaning into their position as the leading all-imperial craft brewery, but delivering high quality liquid that is consistent and interesting to customers.” 

Morrice joins a growing team that recently added Chris Zampa, who was brought on as Greater Good’s VP of Operations this September. Zampa has handled a range of operational and supervisory roles in the industry including as Packaging Manager and Safety Director at RedHook Brewing, as well as three years in his role as Senior Manager of Brewery Operations for Anheuser Busch in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Zampa’s time overlapped with CEO Colleen Quinn when they were both working for Craft Brew Alliance (CBA). 

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in working with Colleen again,” said Zampa, who held the role of Packaging/Warehouse Manager while at CBA. “And the appeal of the opportunity at Greater Good extends even further than collaborating with someone I respect and worked with in the past. This team spent the last year making it clear on all levels that they want people to think of imperial beers and Greater Good in the same sentence. It’s rare to be a part of something like that, which makes the role even more exciting.” 

The recent hires to key leadership positions in both operations and sales – in addition to the elevation of Colleen Quinn to CEO earlier in the year – all form a part of a story that Quinn is very clearly trying to tell: Greater Good is serious about the organization’s growth ambitions, and is very willing to prove it. 

“I want people to look at the last year and realize that everything is being done with conviction,” said Colleen Quinn, CEO of Greater Good. “There are a lot of highlights in 2022 – from our staffing enhancements to the first-ever All Imperial Beer Fest we held in September to the increase in our diversity of imperial style beers, we are cranking and have zero intention of slowing down.” 

Find Greater Good on social media: @greatergoodimperials on Instagram and @greatergoodimperials on Facebook.

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