GoodLife Brewing Releases Secret Stash #005

Just in time for the Holiday’s, it’s time GoodLife Brewing releases Secret Stash #005. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the secret stashes we’ve shared with you this year, but we feel we saved the best stash of the year for last.

The latest IPA in our Secret Stash IPA Series is an all Mosaic IPA that is 6.5% ABV and 45 IBU’s.

We dry hopped this beer with over 1 LB per barrel of Mosaic hops. Secret Stash #005 is full of earthy tea-like aromas, backed by a huge pungent floral and fruitiness. Ripe peach brings up the back end and balances the crisp Pilsner and American Pale base malt with Munich specialty malts.

Secret Stash #005 is a light, refreshing Northwest Style IPA that’ll make even the biggest curmudgeon merry.

Secret Stash #005 will be available draft only (1/2 BBLS and 1/6 BBLS) throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho in limited quantities.

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