How to Get the Word Out for Local Events

Community events are important to many breweries, not because of any revenue or marketing they generate, but because they are important to keep a community of potential consumers engaged and helping each other.

That can bring in people that might not have thought of a brewery’s taproom as a place of gathering for a community.

“There are so many times where people join us for a beer and end up staying for two or three because they find out it goes to a good cause,” explained Soaring Ridge Craft Brewer‘s Claire Ainsworth.

So what are some keys to get the word out?

Joe Short of Short’s Brewing in the northern Michigan area said word of mouth in the pub and at events are the first two that came to his mind.

Posters and print and contacting any local media — such as daily and weekly newspapers; social gathering websites, TV stations and radio that have active morning and talk shows — are other ways to get the word out, but it’s a constant work in progress.

“Our marketing team does a great job gathering all the info and distributing through our social channels, website and outside contacts,” he said. “It’s a group effort. Our sales/liberation team is meeting face-to -face and communicating via phone, text and email. We have a lot of information that we’re managing and distributing.”

Ainsworth added that promotion of events in the Roanoke, Virginia area is usually a joint effort on social media between the Soaring Ridge brewery and staff, as well as the members and affiliate of whatever organization that may be a part of the local event.

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