Four New Releases from Buoy Beer

As the seasons change from summer to fall, it’s the perfect time of year for German-style beers. The Pile Buck Pilsner is next up in Buoy’s Lager Series and features a crisp, slightly dry finish with herbal and wildflower aromas. Available in cans and on draft, this sturdy American pilsner is made from a foundation of all-American pilsner malts and spiced with Sterling and Saphir hops. It’s golden in color, vegan but not organic, and steadfast but definitely wary of sea lions.

Buoy is also excited to announce its first canned collaboration beer brewed at the Buoy brewery. This year’s Festbier was brewed with Obelisk Beer Co., a new addition to the Astoria beer scene. Different from the darker, maltier beers many think of, this Festbier is a crisp, full-bodied golden lager with honey, floral, and bready aromatics balanced with Hallertau hops. Its time in the spotlight is seasonally limited, however, so enjoy it while it lasts.

On the darker side of beer releases is Buoy’s Doppelbock, a limited amount of which was kegged before the rest was barreled for this year’s Decapitator variety.  

“Doppelbock is one of the brewers’ favorites,” says Kevin Shaw, Director of Brewery Operations. “We were all really excited to drink it fresh before trying it again in November after it’s been barrel-aged.” 

Literally translating to “double bock,” the Doppelbock is traditionally one of the stronger lager beers brewed in Germany and dates back to the 18th century. It is often referred to as “liquid bread” or “a meal in a glass” because of the beer’s ability to sustain the monks who brewed it during fasting. Buoy’s take on the style is much in the same vein, with big, malty flavors and a rich, complex body.  

And finally, fresh hop season is upon us and Buoy’s FRESH Helles is so fresh, it had to be capitalized! FRESH Helles is hopped with fresh Lórien hops from Indie Hops, who describes the variety as “tangy fresh fruit and the feeling of a summer meadow near a cold mountain stream.” The classic lager style is uncomplicated and unforgettable, with fresh hops added to the brewing process within 12 hours of being picked. Its malty sweetness and aromas of bread dough and graham cracker are balanced by a pleasant hop bitterness and a clean finish. FRESH Helles will be available throughout its distribution area of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Join Buoy during their second annual Oktoberfest celebration to try all four of their beer releases. On Saturday, September 23, don your German lederhosen and sip on the Pile Buck Pilsner, Festbier, Doppelbock, and FRESH Helles as well as Buoy’s Oak-Lagered Vienna Lager (debuting at the event). There will also be a variety of Buoy collaboration brews including Altoberfest with Ecliptic Brewing, Mostly Harmless Fresh Hop Extra Pale Ale with Single Hill Brewing, and Fast Eddy IPA with Barrel Mountain Brewing. 

“It’s going to be a great time,” says Matt Jones, Head Brewer. “Not only will we have delicious Oktoberfest beers, but also live music from Jay Si Proof, Left on Tenth, and the Oompah Boys. Plus, a stein-holding contest, German-inspired food, and more.” 

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