The Force is Strong with Lakewood’s Droid Rage Imperial Red Ale

Not so long ago, in a brewery not so far away……..

Lakewood Brewing Company announced the final 2019 release in its Small Batch Series: “Droid Rage – Imperial Red.”

“As a big nerd, I’m super excited to release a beer that’s inspired by the movies that we grew up with!” says Wim Bens, Founder of Lakewood Brewing. “We have a tank at the brewery that we affectionately call R2BEER2 and we prominently placed our brewery droid on the label.”

The beer is a big Imperial Red clocking in at 9.327% ABV, with a beautiful red hue and rich caramel malt flavors, balanced by some out-of-this-world hops. Droid Rage will be available starting the week of 12/16 to coincide with the final Star Wars movie. The beer will be available in limited supply in collectable cans and draft.

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