FlyteCo Keys on Options in Entertainment to Expand Brand Name in New Building

​A defunct ​facility ​that ​previously served as Denver’s central airport before being replaced in 1996 ​is getting a makeover with craft beer the central focus​.​ This summer, the former Stapleton International Airport Control Tower will become the second home to upstart FlyteCo Brewing — which is a major upgrade for the fairly new company.

The decision to pursue and open a second location was very much expedited when this property became available, they told Brewer.

“But it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said co-owner Eric Serani. “We believe that COVID-19 leveled the playing field a little bit and made these huge opportunities a little more attainable for a smaller brewery like ourselves.

“Being successful at the bigger location will require us to hire a top-notch staff, which we are confident we can attract.”

That will be a big key for the new brewery as it expands into more than just beer production and serving.

FlyteCo opened its doors in March, 2019, in an 1800s electric plant building for west Denver’s streetcar system. In April, 2021, FlyteCo added a coffee and bagel shop, creating even more of an all-day destination.

Before ​becoming ​Punch Bowl Social​, an entertainment facility with bowling and mini-golf​ in 2017, ​the new home for FlyteCo sat vacant for 20 years.

FlyteCo will maintain many of the game-focused elements installed from its predecessor, including bowling alleys, karaoke rooms, mini-golf, and more. The brewpub will have on-site brewing at the new location, with a smaller pilot system for experimental and small-batch brews. The new location will also offer wine and spirits as well as a full food menu and happy hour.

“The addition of a coffee shop at our original location has highlighted the necessity of cross-training employees to better serve the needs of our customers and be knowledgeable about all aspects of the business,” Serani said. “It’s important for our baristas to be able to answer questions about our beer, and it’s equally important for the bartenders to be able to talk about the origins of our coffee with our customers.”

Focusing on becoming good stewards of the ​new ​neighborhood is one of ​the brewery’s top priorities​ during the buildout.

​”We’re currently working on strategic partnerships, and gathering feedback from the residents so we can create the ideal gathering space for this community​,” Serani said​. ​”​The new neighborhood is extremely residential, and we have been reaching out to HOAs, Realtors, local newspapers, area business associations, nearby nonprofits, and more to make our entrance into the neighborhood beneficial for them as well.​”​

FlyteCo’s background is deeply rooted in aviation – two out of the three owners are pilots and the original brewery features many show-stopping airborne design elements, including a salvaged plane wing and a full-size replication of a Boeing 737 fuselage. Additionally, 10% of FlyteCo’s profits benefit the future of aviation through scholarships and donations to youth engagement as well as benefit veteran-focused organizations. FlyteCo’s commitment to giving back 10% of profits will continue at the new location.

“We have created a real community-centric brewery with our first location – you’ll see young professionals and students working there during the day, families hosting birthday parties on the weekends, friends gathering after work. We are looking to create the same kind of atmosphere in Central Park while providing the creative, approachable beers we’re known for,” said FlyteCo Brewing co-owner and Head Brewer Jason Slingsby.

Photos courtesy FlyteCo & Dustin Holstein

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