Empyrean Shifts Local for IPA Ingredients

The local food movement opens doors for brewers to obtain ingredients grown close to home. In doing so they discover superior quality and freshness in the products they choose and gain opportunities to work directly with growers, all while supporting their local economy.

Jim Engelbart, Production Manager at Empyrean Brewing Co. had just that chance. This past August he spent a day in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, working side-by-side with hop growers pulling vines on harvest day. Then, Engelbart hauled a truck load of fresh picked, un-kilned hops back to the brewery in Lincoln for immediate “wet hopping” in a limited batch of harvest ale.

“The experience of working on the farm and handling the hops from start to finish was rejuvenating. Not to mention the aroma when you’re knee-deep in bines!”

More than knee-deep, Empyrean Brewing Co. has officially announced they are jumping in. Starting now, Watch Man IPA is brewed exclusively with hops grown within the state of Nebraska.

Head Brewer Rich Chapin explains, “The switch to Nebraska hops gives Watch Man a fresh, rebirth to our classic recipe. You can find the Nebraska variety anywhere we’re retailed. Of course, for the fullest local experience, I recommend trying it fresh on tap at The Hop Yard in Plattsmouth where the hops were raised.”

“The desire for locally-sourced ingredients is growing,” Engelbart explained. “Consumers want to know where their food comes from, how it was made and by whom. They find pride in knowing their purchases help create jobs, promote the local economy and safeguard the environment.”

Brewing with local ingredients brings life to the story of that beer, from farm to glass. Cheers!

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