Empyrean Releases Seasonal “Haze” Collection

Empyrean Brewing Co. is keeping busy in 2021. After “Winter Haze IPA” hit store shelves in February, the brewery is set to reveal three more beers in its new “Haze” Collection, with “Spring Haze IPA” coming out at the beginning of April.

The “Haze” Collection is made up of India Pale Ales, a broad category of beer known for its pale, hop-heavy body. While each beer in the collection is meant to reflect the season, all the hazes emphasize juicy/fruity flavors and tropical aromas. “Winter Haze” is currently available for purchase wherever Empyrean Hopverse 12-packs are sold.

“Hazy IPA beers are fun because they rely on unique interactions between yeast and hops,” said Jim Engelbart, operations manager at Empyrean Brewing Co. “Hop-forward beers are growing increasingly popular, so hop farmers keep coming out with new, exciting varieties we just have to try.”

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