Effective Steam Solutions To Overcome Wort-Boiling Challenges

All brewers have the vision of crafting a unique formula and recipe that unites people who appreciate the good things a product has to offer. Crafting a formula that is different and really stands out among all the others can be nerve wracking and a business challenge.

A key player in this business journey is the product. The product is the result of all your vision and effort in a single customer experience, sometimes a six pack. It must include the quality, consistency, repeatability, and safety that is in your vision. Brewers face many hurdles and challenges just to get the product on the shelf and to provide the customer the experience that is intended and that they expect.

With climate change on many minds today, more often consumers are looking into their brand’s environmental responsibility to select their product of choice. With this is mind, the wort-boiling process is very heat intensive and this process requires direct heat (natural gas or electric) or indirect heat (steam). Steam, a natural technology that has been around for decades, is the most widely used heat-carrying medium in the world and is sustainable and renewable since it is simply water. Steam is the best media to achieve high quality product results for brewers. It’s easy to control, efficient, and the best media to prevent overcooking. The common method today to generate steam is using natural gas to fire a boiler. Electric boilers are an available option as well. Having an electrical boiler moves the energy matrix outside your company walls, providing flexibility on how to feed it. In fact, some breweries have begun feeding their boiler with a solar panel farm.

Condensate management is one steam-use solution. Recovering condensate can save a lot of energy in a brewer’s product manufacturing process. There are many condensate recovery and heat exchanging solutions available now that can be tailored specifically for your brewery’s needs. A new one that is coming soon in 2023 is the Turflow Heat Exchanger Exhaust Vapor Condenser (EVC). The Spirax Sarco EVC can improve energy efficiency and is environmentally friendly, reducing CO2 and carbon emissions while removing visible discharges from the atmosphere which can save valuable energy. It’s a heat exchanger that uses flash steam from discharge and exhaust vent pipework to pre-heat the process water thereby recovering valuable heat energy that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere.

Steam is a sustainable media to convey your industrial heat, provide great savings benefits, improve your product quality, and process reliability. Spirax Sarco has a large network of thermal energy steam experts in the US to support and help overcome your brewing challenges. To learn more, go to www.spiraxsarco.com/us or call 1-800-883-4411.

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