How Yards Brewing Utilizes CERTUSS Steam Generators for Production

– How many barrels per year does your brewery produce? 
We produce approximately 50,000 barrels per year.
– How long has your brewery been open? 
Yards Brewing Company was started in 1994. We started in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia and have now moved into our 5th location at 500 Spring Garden St, which opened in 2018. This is where we installed the CERTUSS Steam Generators. This is our only production location.
– How many square feet does your brewery occupy?
Our facility at 500 Spring Garden occupies approximately 70,000 square feet.
– Where do you distribute currently?
Yards is distributed in 4 states currently, PA, NJ, DE, MD.
– How many hours of steam production do you require in your brewery per day? 
We require 16 hours of steam production on a full production day.
– Why did you choose to work with CERTUSS for your steam needs? Did you consider other companies?
We also considered Miura, but preferred a couple of the design features that CERTUSS uses. 1) A Heat Exchanger that is relatively easily replaced if fouled. 2) All elements internal to the machines were pre-piped which made install quick and efficient. 3) The path of the combustion air makeup leads to better efficiencies, 4) good support given that their national headquarters are in Philadelphia.
– What has your experience been with the CERTUSS customer service team?
The CERTUSS Technicians have been highly knowledgeable, and very helpful with getting our system properly tuned. We have felt great support in helping us understand the inner workings of the system which is especially important being its differences to typical steam boilers in the USA. We are looking forward to the Chicago service center.
– Would you recommend CERTUSS to other breweries? Why or why not?
We would. The system provided is highly efficient and flexible to our needs in the brewery. The savings in fuel costs, on-demand start-up, and small footprint is very beneficial to breweries large and small.
– Any other experiences you’d like to share?
It is very important that the system is checked on a daily basis for proper water chemistry and proper operation. That is maybe my only caution to some breweries that think an advanced system such as this is just “plug and play. We received though great training on the system by CERTUSS Technicians.

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