Eel River Brewing Company: Earth Thirst Double IPA

The seasonal Organic Earth Thirst by Eel River Brewing Company is directly in line with the company’s devotion to organic hops. Officially the company was certified organic in 1999, but according to its owner Ted Vivatson, its brewing process has practiced using organic hops since the brewery opened in 1995.

Earth Thirst was developed in response to the sustainable lifestyle of many residents in Humboldt County, Calif. For more information on Ted Vivatson and Eel River, check out their story later this week at Here is some info on Earth Thirst from


Style: Double IPA

Original Gravity: 18 P

Alcohol: 8.2% by volume

IBUs: 92

Color: Light Copper

As America’s first certified organic brewery, Eel River Brewing always celebrates Earth Day (April 22nd) to raise awareness about how easy it is to become sustainable. By taking small steps as individuals, together we can make big changes. To celebrate Earth Day in 2011, Eel River produced a specialty double IPA: Earth Thirst.

Like all of Eel River’s brews, Earth Thirst is organic and brewed sustainably. Brewed with over three pounds of hops per barrel and finishing out at 8.2% ABV, this is a strong, hoppy beer! Cascade and Centennial hops give this double IPA a heavy floral aroma and citrus flavor. What makes this beer unique is that it uses the highest quality, all organic ingredients – all from the Pacific Northwest.

A limited release and packaged only in 22oz bottles and keg, Earth Thirst doesn’t only raise awareness about Earth Day and sustainability, but it directly supports it. A portion of the proceeds of Earth Thirst are donated to CCOF, California Certified Organic Farmers.

Earth Thirst will be brewed for years to come, but only for Earth Day, so get some while you can!


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