Where Does Your State Rank?

The Beer Institute recently released 2012 stats revealing state rankings based on shipments of 31 gallon barrels and per capita consumption. Here are the top and bottom states in terms of consumption — what we all really want to know.


Top Five

1. North Dakota (45.8 gallons)

2. New Hampshire (43.9 gallons)

3. Montana (41.0 gallons)

4. South Dakota (38.9 gallons)

5. Wisconsin (36.2 gallons)

Bottom Five

47. Maryland (23.2 gallons)

48. New York (22.4 gallons)

49. New Jersey (22.4 gallons)

50. Connecticut (22.1 gallons)

51. Utah (20.2 gallons)

If your state failed to make the list, don’t blame yourself, simply consult the list below from The Beer Institute to see how much you have cut out for you in 2013. 


Microsoft Word - Document5

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