DuClaw Expands to Major Texas Markets

In an effort to expand its distribution network, DuClaw Brewing Company just announced its expansion into Texas markets including San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

This comes on the heels of DuClaw’s continued growing footprint, expanding to 14 states within the past five years.

“With careful preparation, we are ready as we’ll ever be to make this expansion happen. Many markets we’ve entered in the last few years have been very organic, with consumers and distributors approaching us, and this time is no different,” said DuClaw southern regional sales manager Mandy Durmaz.

“I’m eager to see locals get a taste of our playful approach to brewing, and understand what brands they gravitate towards. Building these genuine relationships is one of the biggest joys for our team, so it’s going to be a win-win for all of us.”

To support the launch, DuClaw partnered with its newest distribution partner, Ambiente Beverage Co. to service and target growing craft beer markets. This was a natural fit given the distributor’s strong reputation throughout Texas, and well-established infrastructure.

“Texas is a large, diverse state, making it a massive undertaking to launch something like this, and we are going to grow with it.” said Durmaz.

In additional to limited edition seasonal releases, DuClaw’s fan-favorites will be available, including:

  • Sweet Baby Jesus! (6.2% ABV) – A classic full-bodied porter with a smooth, dry finish and just enough hops to balance the aromas and flavors of roasted malt, rich chocolate and peanut butter. One sip and you will…exclaim the name!
  • Strawberry Letter 23 (7.1% ABV)With an enticing aroma of tart, light, strawberry essence and hoppy goodness, this medium-bodied sour blurs the line between an IPA, sour ale and fruited ale for a unique and refreshing brew.

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