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A hat, a bandana, a bag … even vinyl? Schlafly Beer is mixing up promotions with cereal box-type “adult toys” this spring, expanding on what promoting a beer can mean.

Schlafly recently launched a special extra perk for purchasers of the core style 12-packs of Pilsner, Kolsch, White Lager and Pale Ale. Throughout the year, The Saint Louis Brewery will include swag in those respective bottled 12-packs.

This comes after an announcement in February that the brewery is including a voucher inside 12-pack boxes of its Pilsner brand for $5 off of any vinyl at local participating record stores across Schlafly’s distribution.

The brewery says the seasonally-appropriate “prizes” give an added value to loyal customers as well as increase visibility of the Schlafly brand in a fun, playful way.

“People love swag, we thought why not reward them for picking up a 12 pack?” asked brand manager Wil Rogers. “It’s a great way to get cool pieces of Schlafly branded gear to the folks who enjoy our beer.”

Rogers said they talked as a team to determine what pieces people would love.

“We’ve taken a slow approach with this program,” he said. “A few years ago we offered a piece in one of our packs. We’ve continued to expand on the idea since then.”

The items will include: Schlafly logo bandanas (Jan-May), hemp tote bags (voucher to redeem) and collapsible Frisbees (June-Aug), and Schlafly baseball hats (Sept-Dec).

Outside of draft, 6-pack bottles are the brewery’s fastest moving package. The promotion is geared to help spurn 12-pack sales.

“We hope to see more movement with the packs, that’s the plan,” Rogers said.

Photo credit: Cleo & Elizabeth Sullivan, @cleostagrams (Instagram)

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