DESTIHL Brewery Announces Packaging Redesign

DESTIHL® Brewery has announced today that it will begin to roll out new brand packaging for its 12oz cans starting this month with the release of Synchopathic™ Apricot, a seasonal sour, as part of DESTIHL’s WiLD SOUR SERIES.

DESTIHL wanted to create a more cohesive packaging identity that links all their brands together. “We saw an opportunity to create a cleaner packaging design while still maintaining and building upon the brand identity that our brands have garnered over the years,” said Founder, CEO and Brewmaster, Matt Potts. He continued, “Months of design development paired with years of sales information on our individual brands helped us to develop these new can designs, which we believe will increase our beer’s shelf visibility and recognizability by linking our various brand families together with our strategic design characteristics and coloring scheme.”

By December of 2017, DESTIHL Brewery hopes to have rolled out the new packaging for all their brands throughout their distribution footprint which is currently comprised of 20 states plus Washington, D.C. The new cans will also be available at their DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works locations in Normal, IL and Champaign, IL and at the brewery’s massive new $14 Million production brewery and Beer Hall which opened in Normal, IL last May. The opening of the new production facility served as the impetus for the package redesign as the new brewery warranted an exciting, new look for DESTIHL’s cans.

“We’ve been really anxious to get these new cans into the market,” commented Neil Reinhardt, DESTIHL’s Director of Sales. “We have always been able to sense the excitement around our brand in every market that we enter, and we feel like this package redesign will help to amp that excitement to the next level. The design is approachable, yet vivid and energy-packed.”

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