The Curious No. 14 & No. 15 to Debut from Creature Comforts this Fall

Creature Comforts Brewing Company will release new limited releases this Fall. Next up from the Curious Series, The Curious No.14, and No. 15 will debut from the brewery’s wood cellar in November.

Creature Comforts uses its Curious Series to continuously explore the flavors of its beers and how those interact with different processes, ingredients, and time. Next up from Creature Comforts’ Curious Series, the Curious No. 14, is a double barrel-aged barleywine at 13.9% ABV and the Curious No. 15, a barrel-aged beer made with local strawberries at 6.4% ABV.

In making the Curious No. 14, Creature Comforts set out to achieve fruity, rich, decadent complexity in this beer by using a traditional English barley base, all English ingredients, a long boil, and extended maturation in select, small-batch barrels. The beer aged first in bourbon barrels for eight months, and then in rye barrels for 19 months.

The Curious No. 15 is a celebration of early-season fruit, the strawberry. Creature Comforts partnered with two local farms to get organic strawberries and take its first foray into using whole strawberries. Once it received the strawberries from the farm, the brewery selected a single barrel to move onto the fresh fruit. After fermentation was complete on the fruit, the brewery moved the beer to a barrel to rest, where it aged for 10 months. The beer then bottle conditioned for six months. Creature Comforts sourced the strawberries from two local farms, Diamond Hill and Hickory Hill, who the brewery developed relationships with at the Athens Farmers Market hosted at the brewery.

The Curious No. 14 & No. 15 will be available from the brewery’s tasting room in 500-mL bottles on November 29. To learn more about Creature Comforts Brewing Company, visit

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