Creature Comforts Releases Life In Flux 2021

Life In Flux, Creature Comforts’ annual blended Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, will release from its wood cellar in 500mL bottles. The beer will be available from the brewery’s taproom in downtown Athens on November 20. 

Life In Flux is a 13.7% ABV blended whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout. Creature Comforts blends each vintage from select barrels, reflecting a snapshot of its wood cellar from a specific moment in time, making each year’s blend truly one-of-a-kind. Life In Flux is an annual release, with each blend representing the beauty of the brewery’s current whiskey barrel-aged stout collection. The 2021 blend consists of five stouts ranging from 22-26 months with an average age of 23 months in barrels. “Life In Flux is a blend of our favorite barrel-aged stouts which represent the best of our spirits barrel-aging program,” said Blake Tyers, Director of Creature Comforts’ Wood Cellar & Mixed Fermentation Program. “The exquisite depth created from the simple combination of the barrels, beer, and time makes it a do-not-miss blend from our wood cellar.”    

The 2021 blend is the first time the brewery has had a wider selection of mature recipes to choose from, making it the most complex blend to date. The blend consists of a new recipe aged in Buffalo Trace and Willett rye barrels aged for 22 months, the Concurrence Blend No. 2 base blend aged in Willett bourbon barrels for 26 months, and a Rye-forward base aged in Willett Rye for 22 months.   

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