Creature Comforts Builds a New Home

Community is one of the six pillars that Athens, Georgia’s Creature Comforts Brewing was built on.

“To us, Athens means something,” the brewery said in a newsletter to fans. “It’s why we took great pride in renovating and reusing the Snow Tire Company building, an iconic space in downtown Athens. It’s why we love working with and supporting local non-profit organizations who strive each day to make Athens a better place.”

That’s why when it came time to expand operations, the brewery stayed in town. The place it called home. The brewery has come to an agreement withcity officials to build a new brewery and tasting room.

The renovation of the historic space will enable the brewery to triple its production. At minimum, the brewery plans to invest $8 million into building a 36,000-square-foot brewery and 4,000 square feet of office space. Officials at the brewery expect 25 new jobs in the Athens community over the next five years.


The brewery will be centered around an 85 barrel 4-vessel Steinecker brewhouse, and will include enough fermentation capacity to brew 50,000 barrels to start, with room to grow. It also will be investing $250,000 into the laboratory; installing a 240 can-per-minute 24-head Krones canning line, a reverse osmosis skid, advanced milling system, and many other advanced pieces of equipment.

While the brewery will reuse a portion of the space that was a former cotton mill, another section is being developed a residential and commercial property separate from the facility.

“We’re excited to be a part of this innovative reuse of a great property in a booming part of the Athens community,” the newsletter said.

The existing Creature Comforts brewery and tasting room, which opened nearly three years ago, will remain open.

“It’s a space we love, and maintaining it lets us remain a part of the vibrant downtown Athens scene,” the brewery team said.

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