Crafting a Brewery Culture Future with In-house HR or Services

The success of your brewery extends beyond the ingredients in your brews. It can lie in the culture cultivated within your team.

The need for intentional efforts by management to document values and continue to work on living documents to shape a workplace where everyone feels respected and included is a must.

In the March/April issue of Brewer, we explore some of these aspects.

Although some of these pieces must be run by the owner at the start, for breweries lacking in-house Human Resources, contracting services offer a bridge to creating a foundation for future growth.

“HR is one department that can be sourced out to set up a framework to be successful,” said Samuel Chawinga of Boomtown. “(But), there still need to be managers on site that handle issues, reports, and be accessible to their employees.

Adam Robbings of Reuben’s Brews says that leveraging EOS and the book ‘Traction’ as a toolkit for various aspects of running a company is especially valuable in creating a solid base for HR-related topics.

Short’s Brewing has had in-house HR since around 2010, and founder Joe Short said they really needed help to do things correctly because the team had grown so much.

“Humans are an essential resource, so just as important as having someone run finances and production, we needed someone to help with our people,” he said.

The HR position has been a full-time position with Olde Mecklenburg for a decade as well.

With 142 employees — and a lot of that related to the restaurant and beer garden — COO Jim Birch said they have to have a full-time person doing it. Having that bridge between management is vital, he believes.

“And I think that employees feel that way, too,” he said. “I think that it depends on the person and how well they’re able to communicate and confirm their impartiality and trust.

“HR is still representative in the company, but in that role, employees feel a lot more comfortable when there’s someone that can listen to their concerns, if there are any.”

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