Craft Malt Certified Seal Achieves Milestone Moment with 100 Brewery and Distillery Partners

The Craft Maltsters Guild’s (CMG) Craft Malt Certified Seal program achieved a milestone moment in September 2020. The program now boasts over 100 brewery and distillery participants. Unveiled in 2019, the Craft Malt Certified Seal is designed to highlight breweries and distilleries using 10% or more craft malt in their operations.

The Seal provides a key point of differentiation for CMG Member Malthouses and the brewers and distillers they work with. Its usage on products and in other marketing efforts helps bridge the “grain to glass” divide by connecting local farms with beer and spirits drinkers.

“We are really excited about the growth of this program,” said Brent Manning, President of CMG’s Board of Directors. “It provides a great opportunity to educate consumers about the roles local farms and malt play in the world of craft beer and spirits.”

Over the last year, the Craft Malt Certified Seal has been incorporated into numerous label designs and social media posts. These efforts were recently highlighted during Craft Malt Week (September 27-October 3, 2020). The campaign reached over 20,000 people through a combination of social media highlights and virtual events organized by craft maltsters, brewers, distillers, and malt researchers from around the globe.

“The Seal offers a great way for us to communicate the value of craft malt to our customers,” says Trevor Jones, Head Brewer at Sceptre Brewing Arts in Decatur, Georgia. “It starts the conversation we want to have about sourcing locally, creating unique flavor experiences, and justifying price points.”

Brewers and distillers interested in the program are encouraged to learn more about the Craft Malt Certified Seal program and connect with craft maltsters in their area.

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