Cowboys from Helles From Independence Honors Pantera

As the song says, “spread the word throughout the land,” because Independence Brewing Co. has announced the re-release of the brand’s first canned lager, dubbed Cowboys from Helles in honor of the first studio album and song of the same name, Cowboys From Hell, by legendary Texas metal band Pantera.

Cowboys from Helles was first revealed to the public at the brewery’s Rodeo Release Party last year and has since become a seasonal staple for cowboys, hellraisers and everyone in-between.

“Ain’t talking no tall tales friend,” Cowboys from Helles is a bright, crisp, and refreshing Munich-style Helles brewed traditionally using only two varieties of German hops, yeast and malt.

The German word “helles” can be translated as “bright,” “light,” or “pale” — “so out of the darkness and into the light” comes Cowboys from Helles. Paired best alongside bratwurst, shellfish, Texas BBQ and pork chops, Cowboys from Helles is slightly less bitter than a Pilsner and is highly sessionable for easier enjoyment during the warmer spring weather.

The seasonal brew is available until May at the taproom and at local retailers throughout Texas.

Photo credit: Julia Keim

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