Ciderboys Variety Pack Cans Now Available

Ciderboys Hard Cider Co. is excited to announce the release of Variety Pack Cans. The 12pk 12oz can package has been a recurring request by Ciderboys customers, so the cider maker happily installed the necessary equipment to keep up with the demand.
“We’ve wanted to offer a colorful can pack for a long time,” explains Marketing Director Julie Birrenkott. “The portability is great for everyone, but our customers specifically wanted something that’s easier at the beach, on the water, and poolside. We’re right with them!”
For the design, Ciderboys lightened things up. Birrenkott continues, “We wanted the packaging to reflect the varied, refreshing flavors inside. Hard apple ciders are made with a time-tested, crafty process, but we still wanted a vibrant look to capture the fun, fruitful side of our Fruitful Pairings.”
With two seasonal variations, the “warm weather” 12-pack is available now until the end of August, and consists of three cans each of Ciderboys Raspberry Smash, Strawberry Magic, Peach County and Pineapple Hula.
The “cold weather” version will be available from September to February, and consists of three cans each of Ciderboys First Press, Strawberry Magic, Grand Mimosa and Blackberry Wild.
The new 12-pack 12oz can variety packages are available wherever Ciderboys Hard Ciders are sold.

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