Cider Corner: What Else Sells? Merch Ideas That Also Work

Shirts, hats, and glassware may be a bulk of your cidery’s merchandise sales, but thinking outside the box to attract a consumer’s purchase can be an added bonus to that pint or to-go order of cider as well.

“By adding variety to our merch offerings, we give customers the option to pick which items make sense in their life,” said Ciara Metzger, Sociable Cider Werks’ Digital Marketing Manager. “Maybe they don’t want a T-shirt from every brewery, but something else catches their eye.”

Other good sellers for the Minneapolis brand are locally made soap, scarves, bike jerseys, posters of their Freewheeler brand, and tank tops.

Doug Smith, co-owner of Sly Clyde, said they love how customers are looking for opportunities to share their support for local companies in unique ways.

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“Our swag really tries to be consistent with our product and helps to reinforce our personality,” he said, noting that the Virginia cidery sees socks as a good seller.

“We had branded socks made with Sly on one foot and Clyde on the other and they have been a real hit,” Smith said.

It Comes At A Cost​

Wild State Cider in Duluth, Minnesota sell​s​ ​$100,000​ in merchandise annually, and ​co-founder Adam Ruhland points out that he has found ​that a few great items account for 80% of the sales.

​”​Fun stuff like socks and custom beanies or bike jerseys are cool, but require​s​ more effort to produce and often comes at a high price point​,” he warned.​

​Ruhland advises cidery owners to invest in a designer to help make a few quality shirts, long sleeves, and sweatshirts, and ​those brands will carry your sales.

​”We find ordering 100-200 of any item is the best balance of price and inventory,” he said.​

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