Cider Corner: Ways to Formulate Market Differentiation & Consumer Engagement with a Wholesaler

It’s essential that the strategies employed by craft cideries and wholesaler distributors can vary based on factors such as market dynamics, regional preferences, and evolving industry trends, but when your brand does sign on to a partnership, creating joint efforts to boost brand awareness is vital. 

Golden State Cider seeks to work closely with wholesalers to develop programs in key markets and within key accounts, explained Director of Marketing, Breanne Heuss. 

That can include in-store promotions, digital marketing utilization, creating event sponsorships along with creating ways to boost customer engagement.

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“We ensure that we have a strong plan in place for programming, new product launches, and any marketing tactics prior to the start of the year,” Heuss said. “It’s important to recognize that each market is unique; providing customization by wholesaler and market is key to our success at Golden State Cider.”

Golden State is consistently reviewing its marketing message to help drive brand affinity in the market. 

“Consumers today care about what is in their beverages, so we continue to promote our simple ingredients – apples and champagne yeast and real raw fruit, herbs and spices – to communicate our difference in quality and wellness to consumers,” Heuss said. 

The brand also teams with environmental non-profit partners that align with the brand’s core values of practicing sustainability, limiting the use of natural resources and supporting local apple farmers. 

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Those values, Heuss noticed, are also shared between the Golden State brand and its consumers so they strive to work with sales team members to align on what is best for the Golden State Cider brand based on the wholesaler in each market.

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