​Cider Corner: Insights in Creating a Directed Campaign

Creating a focused campaign for your cidery to help preach your brand message to consumers from afar can be a daunting challenge. Tapping into what connects with a consumer can come in a variety of efforts, be it multiple SKUs, a certain message that is repeated, or even a look created by both those that work there and what is sold.

Wild State tries to have a consistent message about its product and mentions it frequently, explained co-founder Adam Ruhland.

“[It’s] so that customers can see how we are different amongst all their choices,” he said. “No added sugar, no concentrates, no sorbates. We stand by these principles and it allows us to stand with a much smaller group of brands.”

Wild State also donates 1% of sales to environmental nonprofits through the organization 1% For The Planet. It’s something that Ruhland said helps the cidery in trying to find ways to show how they are different to a consumer by sharing the Minnesota cidery’s standards and mission with others.

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​Being a coastal cider brand​, Doug Smith acknowledges that Sly Clyde Ciderworks is a unique​ brand that the Hampton, Virginia cidery can work toward its advantage.

​”​Most cideries lean into images of orchards and apples​. We think our brand connects well in our core markets along the East Coast, particularly where authenticity is as important as the quality​,” he said.

But does it have to be singular and focused to be successful? Not necessarily.

“On social media, we’ve noticed that any witty, real-time content we produce, often outperforms thoughtfully designed content,” said Sociable​ Cider Werks​ Digital Marketing Manager, Ciara Metzger. “A mix is still important, but not everything needs to be a production.”

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