Cider Corner: A Fun Way to Boost Cider Club Sign-ups

Finding creative ways to encourage your staff to help increase a Cider Club sign up for a guest in the tasting room was a topic of discussion at the recent CiderCon meetings.

In her talk “The Magic of Subscription Sales: A Tale of Two Wine Clubs,” Early Mountain Winery’s Aileen Sevier, the VP of Strategy & Marketing, shared how the winery looks to incentivize​ the winery’s club sign-up to staff members by offering various goals in what she called “focus periods.”​

​”​I just come back to my restaurant days when I used to run large incentive programs, and what gets measured gets done​,” she said of creating a fun competition to have employees earn not just personal incentives, like bonuses to their checks, but also a team-effort incentive​.

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​An example​ she shared during the conference is that Early Mountain will ​look to ​have a big push ​for​ more traffic​ this spring​.

​”They’ll have a team goal, where if they hit the goal, my club manager, Maggie​,​ and I are going to make them all dinner​ with a fun barbecue at the winery,​” she said. “So there are both these team objectives, but that means you have to get their own personal objective, and then they’ll get ​a ​double payout.

​Creating something like a poster in the back office​ where tick marks​ can track goals helps stir competitive fun along with boosting whatever goal your team is looking to achieve.

“[We’re] just trying to really make it fun​,” Sevier said​​, “and combine that team effort with the individual effort because then they’re also going to help each other out.​”

Photo courtesy Saro Cider

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