Chuckanut Citra Leaf Pilsner Available in Bottles

For those who have experienced Chuckanut’s Citra Leaf Pilsner you are now in luck. It’s out in bottles across the Northwest and into British Columbia! This new spin our Chuckanut’s true Pilsner recipe replaces some of the classic European noble hops with a considerable amount of WA State Yakima Chief’s new American Noble Citra Leaf hops. Bright, golden, refreshing with aromas of citrus this is an aromatic and quenchable lager with the typical Chuckanut dry finish.

The American Noble Citra Leaf is only the bract (or leafy part) of the hop cone not the lupulin glands. The combination of classic old world Noble hops and new world American hop leaf melds together wonderfully to create notes of grapefruit, guava and spicy bitterness. Great with any Southeast Asian, Mexican or Indian cuisine this beer will easily put the fire out and allow you to continue to enjoy any spicy foods! Or enjoy it by itself on a hot summer day to cool you down, cheers!

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