Not Promoting #IPADay Today? Here’s a Reason You Should!

It’s another big “made-up holiday” for the craft beer industry today! Happy National IPA Day (aka #IPADay … the 9th annual no less)!

Of course, it’s not an official and mandated holiday, but it does help raise awareness of the style and the industry as a whole. Don’t be afraid to use that to your breweries advantage. Sit down and do some research on upcoming “holidays” and work to plan around them in the future. Every major style has a day, many states and cities celebrate a “Craft Beer Week” and you as a member of the industry doesn’t need to shy away from making any of it as big of a spectacle as you deem fit.

Sam Pagano of City Steam Brewery in Hartford, Connecticut said days like these are great if done well.

“If not done appropriately you end up just discounting beer with no real return or promoted knowledge to the consumer,” he said of the veteran brewpub. “Hammered home with a limited release, discounts, promo materials, and such can actually be a great thing.

“With the rising of community breweries, it’s really important that those localized communities understand their importance within the national independent scene.”

He added that IPA Day is a perfect day to celebrate and promote.

“It’s tough to ignore IPA dominance in the scene,” he said. “In fact, IPA many times has become synonymous with “craft beer” to the new or un-savvy craft customer.”

​A day like ​IPA Day is a success because craft breweries collectively support it with special brews and programming, Paige Coyle​ of ​Payette Brewing ​told Brewer once that the brewery uses the style as a canvas to express brewer’s artistic expressions.

“We get to take the style to new levels, experimenting with various ingredients and techniques,” she said. ​”​Having a day designated to IPAs gives us, and breweries around the country, a chance to educate consumers and celebrate this very loved style.”

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