Call to Arms Debuts NN Hop Water ‘The Essence of Wetness’

“Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty”.

While not all of us can be male models with perfect bone structure and hair that looks better done up with gel and mousse than hidden under a stupid hat, hop fans can now drink like one with a new zero calorie, zero sugar, zero carb alternative to beer.

Denver’s Call to Arms is excited to announce the debut of its new non-alcoholic hop water, The Essence of Wetness. This new hop-infused seltzer water features bright citrus notes while finishing with a crisp tropical, effervescent finish.

Inspired by the desire to offer a greater diversity of non-alcoholic options and the growing popularity of non-alcoholic beers, Call to Arms’ Essence of Wetness is a non-alcoholic seltzer water featuring a cryo hop blend from YCH Hops.

“While our focus has been and always will revolve primarily around beer, we also love experimenting with beer adjacent beverages,” said Chris Bell, co-founder of Call to Arms Brewing. “We’re incredibly supportive of the decision to take a break from alcohol as well as the importance of providing non-alcoholic options for those who don’t imbibe. The Essence of Wetness is the perfect substitute for hop heads who enjoy the flavor of hoppy beers, but might be abstaining.”

According to Nielsen data, the no- and low-ABV segment has seen a 506% increase since 2015 and annual growth within that category is projected to reach 7.1% by 2025.

Like any new product released from Call to Arms, Bell, along with Lead Brewer, Fred Rizzo conducted a tremendous amount of research and testing before arriving at the desired hop profile and carbonation levels they were seeking to achieve.

And while a carbonated hop water may seem pretty simplistic in nature, because this is a completely new product for the brewery, the Call to Arms team also conducted rigorous levels of quality testing and shelf stability checks before releasing cans to the public.

The Essence of Wetness is now available in 16oz cans from Call to Arms Brewing and in liquor stores throughout the state of Colorado.

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