Calidad Announces Expansion into Texas

On the heels of an impressive Colorado launch, Calidad Beer announced today its Mexican-style lager will soon be available across the great state of Texas. The lifestyle beer brand has partnered with Ambiente Beverage for statewide distribution and will leverage Ambiente’s vast network including touchpoints in four of the largest and fastest growing cities in the US: Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Though Calidad first launched in California, the brand is no stranger to Texas. Founder and CEO Josh Zad – who lived in Dallas for almost half a decade – enlisted celebrated Austin-based firm, LAND, to help develop the brand’s DNA in a fashion that felt both authentic and familiar, with an undertone of nostalgia for the Southwest. Those deep Texas ties, coupled with an unending thirst for Mexican cervezas, have Calidad primed for a strong launch across the state.

“We knew from day one that Calidad would eventually make its way to Texas and we’re excited the time has finally come. With multiple major metros that each have a vibrant, distinct culture, the opportunities are endless,” Zad said. “To achieve success in this hyper-competitive cerveza market, it was crucial to find a distribution partner that would bring us to the forefront and, with a 30- year track record of building best-in-class brands across Texas, Ambiente was the perfect choice. Tapping into Ambiente’s strong distribution footprint, experienced sales team and unmatched understanding of how consumers perceive products, Calidad is ready to grab Texas by the horns.”

“Our team places high value on believing in the products we sell, and we instantly recognized the major potential behind bringing Calidad to Texas,” said Tristan Maldonado, President of Ambiente. “We are in the business of scouring for brands that we see impacting the industry in exciting new ways and Calidad checked all the boxes. They have gone to great lengths to create a quality product with an amazing taste, while also offering unparalleled expertise in marketing and branding, and we are honored to debut Calidad across our home state of Texas!”

“We are thrilled to introduce a Mexican-style lager to the great state of Texas,” said Michael Salas, Vice President of Ambiente. “We have an insatiable thirst to bring great products to Texas, products that we ourselves enjoy thoroughly and Calidad is all of that.”

Calidad will roll out at H-E-B stores and many other fine retailers across the state over the next few months. For more retail information and to stay in the know, please visit and follow Calidad on Instagram at @calidad.

About Calidad Beer

Calidad is a lifestyle beer brand in the surging Mexican beer category and crafted to quench consumers’ desires to reconnect emotionally with basic, everyday beverages. Entrepreneur Josh Zad was inspired to create Calidad after identifying a trend towards lighter, more drinkable varietals like Mexican-style lagers as opposed to the hop-heavy ales and IPAs which have defined the craft beer boom in recent years. To bring his vision to life, Zad tinkered until he crafted Calidad Beer “Classic,” a perfect no-frills beer that is crisp, sessionable and approachable. Rounding out the brand with eye-catching package design, an emphasis on consumer experience and a touch of nostalgia, Calidad has become the go-to Mexican-style cerveza for both casual and expert beer drinkers alike. To learn more, visit and follow @calidad on Instagram.

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