Caldera Brewing Adds Holographic Labels on Bombers to Boost Sales

caldera brewing

Looking for a way for his brewery’s beers to be seen while sitting on a shelf, Jim Mills used a shampoo bottle as inspiration.

The founder and Head Brewer of Ashland, Oregon’s Caldera Brewing has released three brews that had previously only been available on draft, and now will be for sale in bombers with holographic labels. Mills said he saw the labels at a display for shampoo bottles at the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference held in Denver, Colorado.

“I wanted our labels to pop on the shelf as much as possible so I decided to pursue the holographic labels,” he said. The labels will accentuate the beers brewed and bottled by Caldera and help consumers know they are new to the lineup for the brewery that produced 11,200 barrels in 2015 and has a capacity of 17,000 bbls.

The three beers, Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter, Mogli (a Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Imperial Porter) and Old Growth (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout) will all be available as year-round offerings. “Toasted” will be more widely available while “Mogli” and “Old Growth” are year round, but will have a limited production and will be allocated to Caldera’s distributors.

Mogli (8.5 percent) is conditioned on oak spirals soaked in Maker’s Mark, then aged in Kentucky Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. Old Growth (8.8 percent) is aged in Kentucky Heaven Hill bourbon barrels which imparts flavors and aromas of vanilla, brewers licorice, charred American White Oak and bourbon. Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter is a Robust Porter and one of Caldera’s top-selling beers, incorporates in-house toasted coconut chips and natural liquid chocolate.

Caldera will also be adding seven different 12-ounce bottles to its portfolio along with organic coconut water. Other non-alcoholic offerings will include three hard sodas (ginger ale, root beer and a lemon lime with hops) and a canned ice tea.


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